NHS 10% Discount

Here at Café deli, we are overly grateful for the medical services in this country. So, our unsung heroes can enjoy a 10% discount on our extensive range of products. Thank you for your continued service from all the team at Cafe Deli.

To apply for NHS discount please email enquiries@cafedelihomedelivery.co.uk to with your NHS email address and proof of NHS ID.


In times of crisis the people that keep our country going should be the first to enjoy the resources. That is why we work closely with ‘fuel our frontline’. This charity works tirelessly to get our medical staff the essentials they need.

Fuel Our Frontline (www.FuelOurFrontline.co.uk) provides essential food to frontline NHS staff such as doctors, nurses, and support staff such as cleaners who are working long shifts to fight the virus and have very little time to find basic groceries in the short time they have to rest.

A team of people from different backgrounds are working together on this effort including frontline NHS workers. Fuel Our Frontline is a completely voluntary organisation and a registered CIC, Community Interest Company. All funds, which are raised through company and private induvial donations are put towards the social objective of providing groceries to NHS frontline staff.

We have already provided a large quantity of groceries such as pasta, eggs, butter, baguettes, milk, and honey to a number of hospital staff who are fighting the virus for us all. This allows staff to go home with food for a number of meals. This is having a real effect and we have had many comments from frontline staff about how this has helped them.

We have been collaborating with Café Deli Wholesale for a number of our deliveries. Café Deli Wholesale has become a supporter as well as our supplier by donating credit towards our initiative.

Please visit our website for further information about our organisation. 



The Fellix Project. Right now, millions of people in the UK regularly experience hunger. Yet tonnes of fresh food are thrown away every day. Inspired by Felix, we set out to change this. No one should have to miss a meal.

In our capital city, thousands of children go to school hungry each morning. Young mothers skip meals to feed their families. Elderly people are malnourished and those with a mental illness are often ignored.

The Felix Project collects fresh, nutritious food that cannot be sold. We deliver this surplus food to charities and schools so they can provide healthy meals and help the most vulnerable in our society.


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